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Here is what we got for week 6:
Yellow Summer Squash
Palisade Plums
Asian Eggplant

Really looking forward to starting to get that Summer Squash in our share! And more garlic, too! YUM!

Here is what we got for Week 5:
Pablo Head Lettuce
Bunched Swiss Chard
Fresh garlic

Here is our haul for Week 4.  The “new to us” items are the Arugula (fancy!) and the Scallions.  These are some big scallions, holy cow!

Paris Market Carrots
Skyphos Lettuce
Sugar Snap Peas


This week’s pickup resulted in a lot of jumping up and down around our apartment (probably to the great annoyance of our downstairs neighbors), when we realized we were getting GARLIC!  Yay!  (Also, I had no idea just how tall garlic is…)


Our haul for Week 3 includes:

Radish and Turnip Mix
Baby Chard Mix
Collard Greens
Sugar Snap Peas

Now the only tricky part is figuring out how the heck we are going to use that garlic.  For all the garlic loving maniacal obsessing that goes on in this apartment, I am pretty sure we’ve never had fresh garlic before, so this really deserves something special.

And one last look at that Chard… So pretty!


It’s week 2 and I feel like pro! I know to drive in the correct entrance and how to cross my name off and everything. Yay.  Here is what we got this week:

Napa Cabbage – I instantly thought to myself “HOMEMADE SAUERKRAUT!!!!” And then realized I don’t have a basement and I don’t really want to be fermenting cabbage in our tiny apartment during the hot summer months.  (ew)  I am pretty sure if I ever give up my beloved apartment life, homemade sauerkraut will be the reason.

Paris Market Carrot – These guys are so freakin’ fat and cute!  Also the name makes me feel fancy about eating carrots.

Siberian Kale – Also excited about this one.  Kale is apparently this cool vegetable that everyone is always talking about.  (It is strange to me that foods can be “in style.”)  I’ve never had it, but now we can be like all the other cool kids.

Garlic Scapes – Aka cool curly things that taste like garlic.  I had never heard of them until now, and I’m not quite sure how I’ve lived without them.

Sugar Snap Peas – YUM!

This was the first week ever of our CSA, and I was so scared.  I think everyone I’ve ever known to have a CSA griped about “weird vegetables you’ve never heard of” and “way too much food.”  The first gripe didn’t scare me a bit… being a vegetarian and all “weird vegetables you’ve never heard of” pretty much translates as my kind of gourmet.  But I was really worried about wasting food.  So I wanted to have a game plan.  We even picked Thursday as our pickup day, so that if we needed to process some food for freezing or something, we would have the weekend to do it before things went bad.

I love that this farm is right in Longmont.  It is so cool that our “local” food isn’t 2 hrs away… it is like 5 minutes away!  So I popped over after work to pickup the first share.  Things got a little crazy when I drove in the exit (oops…), but once I parked the car and was safely in the Farm Stand, everything ran smoothly.  I crossed our names off the list, and read what came in our share.  I grabbed some fantastically fresh food from each bucket and was then on my way home!

Here is what we got:

Hakurei Turnip (which I proceeded to call Daikon Radish on accident for like 2 weeks…. )

Skyphos Lettuce.  (The farm sent us pics of this before pick-up.  I was like “ooooh that is so pretty, but I bet they all don’t look like that.”  And then they did all look like that.  Awesome.)



I will be back soon to post about the recipes we made!