So a funny thing happened with this week…. We didn’t end up doing any big dishes with this week’s produce.  Everything pretty much went into recipes I posted about in weeks past, or recipes that I made in weeks following.  It felt like some kind of bridge week, where everything went to help out the produce from other weeks.  So here is a recap of what we did with the food (we still haven’t had to throw anything out yet! yay!).  I will do my best to come back and update any links here for the “future” recipes.

Paris Market Carrots – Stir Fry
Skyphos Lettuce – Aubergine & Courgette Bake (Coming Soon…)
Arugula – Lentil Burgers (Coming Soon…)
Scallions – Colcannon, Stir Fry
Sugar Snap Peas – Snacking

This week we celebrated our 1st year Wedding Anniversary by having a casual dinner at the Chautauqua Dining Hall, where we had our wedding reception. It was a really nice night, especially since this little guy was there to wish us well. 🙂