We did pretty good this week!  We were able to eat up everything, and though I did take two weeks to get around to the Colcannon, surprisingly nothing went bad.  Here is a recap of where all our food was used from Week #2:

Paris Market Carrot – Coleslaw
Napa Cabbage – Coleslaw
Siberian Kale – Colcannon
Garlic Scapes – Pesto Sauce in Pasta dish
Sugar Snap Peas – We ate these up as snacks throughout the week and they were pretty freakin delicious.

I think this week really exemplifies what I was hoping the CSA would provide for me.  I am learning about produce I have never heard of before (garlic scapes), and learning how to use produce I probably wouldn’t go out and buy on my own (Napa Cabbage).  I’m also being challenged to find recipes for dishes I wouldn’t think to make on my own.  Up to this point, a lot of my cooking has been “one main dish”, but a lot of the food from our CSA is going to rock the side dishes I usually wouldn’t be up for making (coleslaw).  And of course, once they are made, I love them!  Looking forward to next week!

As a random side-note, Week 2 also ended with a fun concert on Main Street in our little city!