This was the first week ever of our CSA, and I was so scared.  I think everyone I’ve ever known to have a CSA griped about “weird vegetables you’ve never heard of” and “way too much food.”  The first gripe didn’t scare me a bit… being a vegetarian and all “weird vegetables you’ve never heard of” pretty much translates as my kind of gourmet.  But I was really worried about wasting food.  So I wanted to have a game plan.  We even picked Thursday as our pickup day, so that if we needed to process some food for freezing or something, we would have the weekend to do it before things went bad.

I love that this farm is right in Longmont.  It is so cool that our “local” food isn’t 2 hrs away… it is like 5 minutes away!  So I popped over after work to pickup the first share.  Things got a little crazy when I drove in the exit (oops…), but once I parked the car and was safely in the Farm Stand, everything ran smoothly.  I crossed our names off the list, and read what came in our share.  I grabbed some fantastically fresh food from each bucket and was then on my way home!

Here is what we got:

Hakurei Turnip (which I proceeded to call Daikon Radish on accident for like 2 weeks…. )

Skyphos Lettuce.  (The farm sent us pics of this before pick-up.  I was like “ooooh that is so pretty, but I bet they all don’t look like that.”  And then they did all look like that.  Awesome.)



I will be back soon to post about the recipes we made!